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04 May 2020

We have always been trying to tell our own truth, Quen Wong has always told the truth as a documentarian and now she is finally telling hers with a new full feature length documentary that she is currently producing and directing, “Some Women” which documents her coming out as a trans woman. Based on our experience working for different documentary film crews, we discuss the role of a documentary filmmaker and the meaning of telling the truth in the current media landscape and what does the truth really mean to each one of us individually. 

Being a trans woman had never been easy for her in Singapore as she tells the story of how her father had reacted when she came out being a trans woman with all the baggage and stereotypes that comes along with it and she had overcome it. Quen explains how to navigate a conversation when your loved ones comes out or even outed as someone from the LGBT community. 

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"You can choose to do what my mother chose to do which is 'I don't have the answers but I hear you and I believe you. We will figure this out together"
Not Again Podcast Episode 130- Quen Wong
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01 April 2020

Okay this is happening for the 3rd year anniversary for the podcast. I talked about what is going on in Singapore right now while the whole world is going on through the lockdown. I talked to a passenger about being 30 years old and the reason why I am not able to release an episode the last 2 weeks. I reflect the goals that I had for this year including the ones that I had with the podcast and standup comedy. 

Stay Safe Guys!
The Wednesday ThingNot Again Podcast
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