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It is a very bold move if you do everything for yourself. If it works good. Shin Lim is the perfect example. It was very radical. Epic music, hair and everything. Some people love it. Some don’t. He just pushes on with it and he has a show in Vegas. For me, I kinda want to strike a balance. There are few things in my show I don’t like performing. Not because the magic is no good but it had been performed too many times by too many magicians

04 December 2022

“It is all a lie!” is what he hear all the time when some found out his job. The rest is a captivating audience that left in awe. Jeremy Tan has been doing magic for most of his life and gaining success in captivating attention and awe. From his first job that is not magic related to stepping into live entertainment industry working with corporate shows and to working cruise ships. Jeremy shares how he got into it and how different it is working now.

Not everyone like corporate show but it is the bread and butter for all entertainers. The Emcees, the musicians, the comics and of course the magicians as well. It is the path that we all have to take and Jeremy shows the secret to the trick into navigating his gigs and moving into a space that he wants to be in performance wise. He also pull and reveal what is the career end goal that a magician may look like.

It is always a discussion if a certain entertainment craft is an art form. Now, we do have this in the context of magic. We talk about the idea of giving what the audience wants and do we as an artist be selfish and do what we do. Jeremy shares the idea of chasing your dream, especially of being such a niche career such as magician. Do you go head in with “no Plan B”? The advice given from a veteran magician.

It will be silly talking to Jeremy without the social media side of things. After finding success with his TikTok, Jeremy shares how he got his viral video and tweaking his content. Of course capitalising on one’s success in the media plays a part too and how? 


Jeremy Tan TikTok: @jeremytanmagic

Not Again Podcast Episode 190- Jeremy Tan
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Enjoy the episode and stay safe guys!

28 December 2022

This is late due to technical difficulties and negligence but this is finally up! This is the highlights of year 2022. What a roller coaster ride. A change in pace and guests. 

Episodes that got highlighted in this 

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Episode 189- The Proper Paupers

Year End Review 2022.png
Not Again Podcast Year End Review 2022Not Again Podcast
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