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12 June 2021

Hey Guys, this week on the Not Again Podcast we present the next part of our episode with Terrence and Haresh, Ministry of Funny.

In this week’s episode, we discuss free speech, censorship as a content creator and context. We discuss the different media laws governing countries, thought experiments and starting a conversation. We talk about the tech giants, tackling fake news and their alumni.

They share how they became friends, starting a youtube channel and their career progressed over the years. They reflect on their viral videos, building their brand and getting involved with HBO. We talk about their worries over the years, setting expectations and taking leaps of faith.

They break down how they decided on their direction for content creation, finding success at a later age and understanding your limitations and strength. We share our long term goals and motivations for our brands, our predictions for the different platforms and how the community spirit has changed.

We are just trying to tackle the news in a laymen way. Sort of show people that you don’t have to be a PhD in anything to just sit down and have a conversation about something the happened. I think in Singapore, we’re so used to ‘Oh you got to study something before you can actually say anything about it’ and that’s not how civic society should be. We’re also very open about the things we don’t know, we call each other out. So the nice thing is we have the space to be noobs at multiple topics.
Not Again Podcast Episode 161 - Ministry of Funny Part 2
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Enjoy the episode and stay safe guys!

01 April 2021

Holy Molly! The podcast is already 4 years in and I talked about doing it for 4 years and being really grateful. I talked about the race that I have participated with the boxing gym that I have and my experience in that gym. I am surprised that I have with Jimmy Appudurai Chua on the podcast as a guest and how it is a landmark for me to have him as a guest. 

Of course at the end, there will be a few announcement that was made for this year.

The Other Show - 01 April 2021Not Again Podcast
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