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18 June 2022

Just to give a bit of context, this episode was recorded in late 2021 and thus news in this episode is not up to date. Please check the latest updates with your The Capital City of Love, Paris has lots to offer and Khaldoun Hosni is one of them. He tells the long tales of the stand-up comedy happenings in the City of Love and how the comedy has opened up during the pandemic. He showed me the door way to the sense of humour

We have our complains with the pandemics and we have our fun talking about people reactions. But being from the City of Love, Khaldoun Hosni does talked about doing the wedding during the pandemic and how it is a sign of God.

One thing that Khaldouni has firm belief in not quitting his day job for his passion, comedy and it is not for a heckler. He shares why the belief and finally talking about growing up in Paris and the whole stereotypes of growing up in Paris, France. He of course tells why growing up in Paris is the best.

Not Again Podcast Episode 180- Khaldoun Hosni
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Enjoy the episode and stay safe guys!

10 November 2021

This is really late. Man. I talked about going to counselling and doing therapy to handle my mental health for the first time. I talked about boxing and sparring and my milestone to be a boxer.


Live comedy show:

In My Head - 10 November 2021Not Again Podcast
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