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 Want to know that I'm loved in whatever situation. Sometimes it's always very easy to fall into the mindset like, What is this happening to me? Is it karma? What, how do you grow up then?... Okay, my dad passed away when I was really young. … it's always the, the, don't be scared, you know, just go, just go. If you fall, fall lah, if you fall, you just pick yourself up lah. Cause my dad is not the kind that you fall down, oh, okay, where fall down, where pain? where pain? No, the get out now, no crying, no sound, please no sound. Then it's like, you know how parents like. You don't cry ah, don't sound ah, I don't want to hear any sound. Then you'll be like, You're sad but, you're in pain but you cannot cry. So, I think that tough love kind of like, Made me who I am lah. Yeah, I think so lah.

17 September 2023

It is always fun to see her recollect her time when The Great Spy Experiment came together. From the time when she started frantic to the time playing with a consistent fan base on one of the biggest stages in the world.

Although loving, life is not easy for her. She talks about the philosophy guiding her life and the excitement and jumping to the deep end. She discuss about knowing that one is loved no matter what happened. She tells the story of how she is leading with her life now working with conflict, the road stories and the dynamic of the band.

Recalling some of the toughest times of her life: Magdalene opens up about being diagnosed with cancer, having to balance the chemotherapy and their gigs and the realities of being a caregiver to  medically complicated child and how that has led her to finding  new connections and passion over the years.

Oh yeah she is the keyboardist not the singer.

See them on Baybeats 2023:


Not Again Podcast Episode 195- Magdelene Han (The Great Spy Experiment)
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Enjoy the episode and stay safe guys!

28 December 2022

This is late due to technical difficulties and negligence but this is finally up! This is the highlights of year 2022. What a roller coaster ride. A change in pace and guests. 

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Year End Review 2022.png
Not Again Podcast Year End Review 2022Not Again Podcast
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