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20 March 2021

Hey guys, this week I have an exciting time capsule of an episode with one of Singapore’s Pioneer Blues Musicians, Jimmy Appudurai-Chua. He is the guitarist for many blues band like the Meltones, Motifs and notably Singapore’s first blues band, the Stray Dogs. 

In this episode, Jimmy shares his journey as a musician and the bands he has played in prior to the Stray Dogs, he recalls how the band got started and how he was involved and tells me was it was like being infamous for their popular single, ‘Freedom’ that was banned in the country.

He talks about lifestreams, the importance of sound in music and getting a sound man in the band. He explains the music industry and how performing for the different venues in Singapore and how bands find it difficult to find a stage for musicians.

He recalls going to Newcastle, UK and meeting his music heroes, giving up the music and joining the photography scene. He tells me how he was broke in London and how he got a job in a photography factory, he shares his story of being promoted to head of a lab in two years before coming back to Singapore and gaining the confidence to go back to music.

Starting out you have to expose yourself for all these auditions, gigs, start somewhere. If you’re good enough, people will offer you a gig, definitely, in Singapore. But when it seasoned players complain they don’t get gigs, I say look, no gigs mean you need to approach the clubs but a lot of them dare not do it, they say what happens if no one turns up, my friends tell me, I miss the days when we were popular. I say if you were popular, you still are popular, don’t give up.
Not Again Podcast Episode 156 - Jimmy Appudurai Chua
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Enjoy the episode and stay safe guys!

01 April 2021

Holy Molly! The podcast is already 4 years in and I talked about doing it for 4 years and being really grateful. I talked about the race that I have participated with the boxing gym that I have and my experience in that gym. I am surprised that I have with Jimmy Appudurai Chua on the podcast as a guest and how it is a landmark for me to have him as a guest. 

Of course at the end, there will be a few announcement that was made for this year.

The Other Show - 01 April 2021Not Again Podcast
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