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6 February 2021

Creativity requires discipline. The fact that you can do this, day after day, week after week, year after year and make it constant, is much better than just purely creativity. It nees discipline and not many creatives have discipline. That is creativity at work.

Hey guys, this week I had an amazing time talking to Siraj Aziz, Stand-up comedian and comedy writer and we catch up on a lot since our last conversation together. Since then, he has also started working at SGAG and a successful home-based business with his wife called Mahmud’s Tandoor.

In this fun episode, we discuss how the year has been for us, dealing with existential thoughts and losing touch of the local scene due to the pandemic. We examine the state of the world, our observations of current international politics and comparing to our local scenarios. Siraj shares the major changes in his life the past years and gives me an insight on marriage life and what it’s like to be a young couple during the pandemic. 

He tells me how his home-based business got started, starting your own personal projects and how difficult it is to be disciplined. We open up on how hard it is to promote yourself as creator, managing your high expectations and the fear of putting your work out there. We share about overcoming personal struggles, socialising and the importance of empathy in our day to day life. 

We discuss our experience working and handling people of different generations, internet trolls and being burnt out. He shares with me his comedy goals for the year, why he went to SGAG and his plans to further develop comedy in Singapore. We also talk about teamwork, how working with others makes the better, working through creative differences and sticking to your guns. 

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Not Again Podcast Episode 153 - Siraj Aziz
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Enjoy the episode and stay safe guys!

12 February 2021

Hey guys, this week I check up on you during this festive period and how the reunion dinners are going. I explain why the episode was late, my broken laptop and the trouble with convenience. I talk about the previous episode and how my chat with Siraj went and reminisce about my trip to India. I also update you about the week break we will be having. I end the episode with a Grab story on an economist I met while working. 

The Other Show - 12 February 2021Not Again Podcast
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