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 But then, eventually, I still lose that fight. But, when it was split decision that time, I mean, I was angry lah. I was like, Wah, I fight so hard already, still split decision. But then, Sometimes, you know, when, when, when, when, when you haven't really like settle down, after a fight, you just think that what you do was right. Yeah, but then, the more you watch back the video right, then you will also come, come to a different perspective like, Oh why you will feel that you win, why you will feel that you lose. Yeah, cause a lot of fights actually I had right, I feel that I could have win also lah. Yeah, but maybe because I already know myself, like how I'm gonna fight. But if people see me for the first time right, how they watch me fight might not be the same perspective like how they think, how they see what I think. Yeah, how they see what I think...

18 October 2023

Being dubbed as a Singapore’s best boxer, Velvan Tan has sure been through some of the greatest challenge and forged his own path. Now reside as the head coach of Spartans Boxing Club, he reviews about the time when he first got started.

The first time he talks about his dreams, the first interviews and now his first podcast. From being the head coach, he talks about his pet peeves as a gym coach and convincing people his capabilities as a coach while being in the youngest in the room.

Martial artist and people who practiced combat sports always talk about the lessons learnt, the rise and the falls. When we talked about disappointments, I think Velvan is a good person to talk to about have his dream crushed and coming back. Having his expectations not going the way he intended and yet coming out and being the best at his craft and later his life.

Velvan ended being very candid about his personal life. How he got to where he is today? The important lessons that he has learnt from his father and working to deal with the death of his mother.

The important lesson here is Family.

Not Again Podcast Episode 197- Velvan Tan
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Enjoy the episode and stay safe guys!

28 December 2022

This is late due to technical difficulties and negligence but this is finally up! This is the highlights of year 2022. What a roller coaster ride. A change in pace and guests. 

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Episode 189- The Proper Paupers

Year End Review 2022.png
Not Again Podcast Year End Review 2022Not Again Podcast
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