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24 July 2021

It takes a lot to admit to yourself that a certain venture is destined to be a hobby. Even though you want it to be a very big part of your life, where it's your job or it’s something you do everyday. Sometimes it’s just not the reality. 

Hey guys, this week I have a great talk with one of Singapore’s own Pro-wrestler Da Butcherman, Danial Alias.


In this week, he shares how he develops his wrestling character over the years, how different he is from his wrestling personality and how he was also influenced by Cookie monster. He shares some insights on the mental work it takes behind the scene, we discuss his journey with trying different diets and how he tried the vegan diet. We discuss trying out boxing, how subtly exhausting some simple techniques and our interest in trying out different martial arts like BJJ.


We discuss the recent drama of online influencers, comparing the tactics of Mohammad Ali and Jack Paul, we break down the importance of personal branding today. He shares more on his personal life: how his parents have influenced him to be the man he is today, how he might raise his own kids one day and his childhood growing up when he was constantly on the move with the family. 


He shared his experience going back to Singapore, finding his independence during national service and finally settling down and making a home in the country. He shares how he got his job as a first aid trainer right after national service, why he loves his job despite the mundane nature of the job and he shares his busy travelling schedule as a pro-wrestler. He shares the realities of being a pro-wrestler in Singapore, we discuss dealing with our own expectations of the different art scenes and trying to make a career out of our dreams. 

Not Again Podcast Episode 164 - Da Butcherman
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Enjoy the episode and stay safe guys!

29 June 2021

I feel so great about checking in and hell a lot of drama this week to unpack. I talk about how lucky I was to have a chat with Jackie Kashian because she was so nice in agreeing to do the podcast. I talk about how excited I am to release the chat that I have this week. I tell my situation with a great local dating agency call gai gai and  the whole drama I had with my love life.

In My Mind - 29 June 2021Not Again Podcast
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