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It was really hard to fit in but it wasn’t as hard for me as for the comics from LA who is coming to visit. You know you have like 3 New York comics like say Giraldo, Voss, Patrice or somebody or Keith Robinson. They knew each other backward and forward. They had done a million gigs with each other. They are used to yell at each other, they use to insult each other. And then one LA comic who was like ‘What The Fuck?’ It was always a weird mix. You should never have one at anything in a panel. You should have two LA comic, two woman or two whatever if the dominant thing is something else. You can’t have that one person to carry the load of everything. But that happen quite a bit. You will just be watching and ‘Oh this is a car accident’…

7 August 2021

Andre King is a person with many talents. He is a comedian that has travelled all over Earth and been a voice over to many of advertisements and cartoon character, some that we “hate” in our childhood, because we want the good guys to win.

Cartoon is a big thing for Andre. We talked about our favourite cartoons. He shares his love and how the writing in that medium works and how a show is able to stay relevant with a changing rotation of writing staff. Of course, we talked about joke writing and he told me the difference when it comes to joke writing and being strict about word economy. He predicted streaming gigs are here to stay and giving tips and tricks to stay relevant.

We talked a bit about the news and how the whole pandemic has kind of evolve the whole New Zealand comedy scene and his reminisce travelling around the world doing comedy and his time in Singapore. He while describing how he worked also shares how everything has come full circle and how he went back to New Zealand.

Did I mentioned that Andre King is a multi-talented man. That includes the man of secrets as well. He tells the tales of the jobs that he had which includes a military man, almost got into pride fighting championship and a job that got him into a  work of secrecy.

Disclaimer: Before we start, this is not a journalistic podcast and not a current news podcast. Whatever we talk about when it comes to the pandemic is not accurate and on time anymore. Please do not take any information on this podcast about anything on face value

Not Again Podcast Episode 172- Andre King
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Enjoy the episode and stay safe guys!

10 November 2021

This is really late. Man. I talked about going to counselling and doing therapy to handle my mental health for the first time. I talked about boxing and sparring and my milestone to be a boxer.


Live comedy show:

In My Head - 10 November 2021Not Again Podcast
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