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When people are lost, they are always like “Oh I don’t have a dream. I’ve never had an ambition.” And then completely shut shatters them. I am like “you are not any lesser person if you can’t find them” Just do whatever you feel like doing man. You can discover new passion everyday. You know. What matters you are doing something about it. It doesn't matter if you have a day job and you are pursuing music at the side. You are saying that 'Alright I get to practice one hour.' That is still one hour everyday. As long as you have baby step, no matter how small it is towards a certain goal you set for yourself, that is fine. If you are lost and you trying to find yourself, not knowing what to do in your life, keep doing stuff. You don't find it bore if you keep doing the same shit right?

7 August 2021

“Jack of all trades” is what comes into mind if I need to describe our guest this week, Red Ollero. He was a writer in his previous life before becoming a standup comic, a movie script writer, a wrestler and now a comic book writer based in Manila, Philippines.

He tells the story of how he became who he is today, from a climbing the corporate ladder, 9 to 5 worker to now chasing the dreams that he had when he was younger. Inevitably, Plan B or exit strategy is what will be discussed. Red Ollero justified the reasons of having one and what it meant to have a Plan B, going on the safe route. So who has set the seed in Red’s mind to let him chase the dream? Red’s shares the comic who has went viral online become the term “Viral online” was coined to be defined by what it meant in this day and age.

Looking at the history humour in South East Asia, LGBT representation is a concept that Red tries to dissect what it meant in the Philippines media after pitching movies. I did a comparison with the representation to Singapore since we share a very similar root in the history of humour or live comedy and Red shared how hard the comics in the Philippines has worked to evolve the comedy scene to what it had been today. Comedy business is still a business and Red shares about how he deals with clients to strike a balance to have the longevity of his career, his work and having the artist’s integrity of being a stand up comic while sharing stories performing on stage being called a fascist and what it meant to be a comedian for him.

Commitment is another great trait that Red has to be known for. He gleefully describing his wrestling career and how he had started. Telling the story from being the ground up and getting the plot twisting story when he tries to flyer out his first wrestling event understanding the idea of what hustling means and closing the circle of what chasing of dreams and passion.

Not Again Podcast Episode 170- Red Ollero
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Enjoy the episode and stay safe guys!

29 June 2021

It had been a long while since I have uploaded an episode. So I talked about the hiatus and why it took such a long time. I looked back at the time that I worked with my work partner for the last 2 years and why she left. I talked about the job interview that I had that sound really shady and the old lady who offered a job. 

In My Head - 01 Septmber 2021Not Again Podcast
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