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Before you talking about Mike Tyson, Ali, you got the Duran and Sugar Ray. Even back you got Floyd Patterson, Rocky Marciano. I would say people in that era, people fought for the passion of the sport... But as time passes, you get Don King and shit, the style of boxing has become like a prize sport for money, fame because now a lot of people watch boxing to be entertain…People want to see blood and they are willing to pay for it and people like Logan Paul and Jake Paul coming up…that just spoils everything

09 January 2022

Finally, after long awaited months, Darryl Edmund Kho has finally appeared in Not Again Podcast. Being the elite and exclusive few to be involved in Singapore Pro Boxing, Darryl breaks down on what is it like to be in the club and what is it like to be in the chosen few to become a pro boxer in Singapore. He talks about the what goes through in his head before his fight and his journey to choosing boxing as his thing then become a pro boxer in Singapore. We talked about the different titles that one can has and talked about the decision in going into pro boxing at a late stage in his life. He weighed in on celebrity boxing and choosing the right gym.

Of course, we talked about the process of choosing the right song entrance and how entrance music marks the stage of your boxing career. Does he listen to the corner man and his view on style makes fight. He kinda explain how he had lost interest in getting into street fight or even has the fantasy. He shares what is it like to be in the street fight and how does it usually end (which blows my mind). His attitude towards seeing his friends always makes me chuckle and how he usually manage to diffuse the alpha in the bar and becomes friends at the end of the night when he goes to have a couple of drinks in his friends. We breaks down on why do men in their mid-thirties still react the way in wanting to getting into a street fight after he tells the story on how he almost get into a fight.

Not Again Podcast Episode 173- Darryl Edmund Kho
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Enjoy the episode and stay safe guys!

10 November 2021

This is really late. Man. I talked about going to counselling and doing therapy to handle my mental health for the first time. I talked about boxing and sparring and my milestone to be a boxer.


Live comedy show:

In My Head - 10 November 2021Not Again Podcast
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