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Like some people are gonna say shit right. I just take it that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. You run a podcast and you know some people gonna say shit, some people gonna love it, some gonna hate it. That is just how it is. For all the people that hates Ah Girls Go Army, there are a lot more people love it. There are reasons why he is famous, there are reasons why he made it. So no matter how many people say bad things about you, there are also a lot of people who will like you Unless you are a criminal…Ted Bundy got how many simps?

18 June 2022

Kelly Kimberly Cheong is someone that you will not mess with. Arming herself with the knowledge of various martial arts, she describe the issues and boundaries that she has which sets as obstacles to start having her dream of that one fight.

Not having the easiest childhood, Kelly shares the wisdom that she has gained over the years while we struggle to go back and discuss that one martial arts. The one martial arts that we try to agree with. With her experience, we talk about what does self defence mean to any of us and the fights that we have during our pubescent years. How martial arts shape our way with how we interact with our way. Man, getting punched in the face in the ring still easier talking to many people Kelly!

She started her acting career in Ah Girls Go Army. We talked a bit about it, of course the taboo subject of that I have started to dance around. The question of it not being good and she explains the faith that she has with the movie. She describes working in the movie set and the challenges that she faced (yeah we do talk about the challenges hehe).

Like every Not Again Podcast, we talked about growing up and dealing with childhood of a traditional Christian mother. She shares about meeting her father again when she was older and learning how to deal with mental health with the passing of her mother.

Not Again Podcast Episode 179- Kelly Kimberly Cheong
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Enjoy the episode and stay safe guys!

10 November 2021

This is really late. Man. I talked about going to counselling and doing therapy to handle my mental health for the first time. I talked about boxing and sparring and my milestone to be a boxer.


Live comedy show:

In My Head - 10 November 2021Not Again Podcast
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