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 I, I'm still freaking out. It's something I struggle with every day, actually. So for me, the band is something, I feel like a superhero, actually. Because I don't talk about my band to any of my friends, workplace people.  I like the idea that I'm someone More, that nobody knows. It helps me with my confidence. Because sometimes when we try to live up to others’ expectations, and we struggle with that, and we might feel down and feel worthless.

10 February 2023

Having an album titled “Not all who wander are lost” seems to be an ironic title for the band Paint The Sky Red. Paint The Sky Red made up by four Malay guys Azman, Hakim, Yasser and Fahmi, talked a lot of revisiting their roots in their music and having their families with the journey with them.

Recounting the genesis of the band, Paint the Sky Red tells the story of why the lack of a lead vocalist and how a band in Malaysia and one from Indonesia have helped them along the way. Selflessness seems to be the one thing that bind all of them together as everyone seems to be really excited with everyone’s progress in the band, telling the story how they innovate with one another.

The call for the tour is unexpected. The culture is different, there is no marketing done. Paint the Sky Red shares their adventure and misadventure in their China tour. From feeling like a rock star to comically scolding the idea of hard case their guitar and going to a football match in China.

They made an impossible decision with their music career. Giggling like a bunch of primary school kids. The band shares the joys of having their partners with them. How they have supported them throughout the journey, from having an obsession to be better and even them involved. Time being spent with their family as priority and how the band has evolved in making the career decision in their life.

Not Again Podcast Episode 199- Paint The Sky Red
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