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"I had a major breakdown in my sport-psych office. I am like what am I going to do? All my life, I always see myself as an athlete, even when I was teaching at early childhood. He is like why do you only see yourself as an athlete? What are you? I was like “ What do you mean?” ‘You are an athlete and Russ has 4 kids so you are a stepmom and that is a label there’"

03 September 2022

We all have our favourite fighter, our favourite boxer. Canelo, Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali. Fash  The Face has to be one of them somewhere in the Singapore Boxing Scene. Especially being the core building blocks for the female boxing team in Singapore Boxing Federation.

After announcing turning from a pro-boxer back to amateur boxing (or Olympic-style Boxing), many were baffled with her decision. Fash has come to the terms with it and explains the decision why she has done it so. She explains why it is not an easy decision to make, how the decision has cause a struggle with her existential crisis and fear with having a bond with her husband. We all do talk about the plan in the future both personal and her work life whether boxing will be part of the system.

Her competitiveness may have given her a foot into the world of boxing and martial arts, which also may become her downfall as she fell in love with videogames. She explains how it became unhealthy for her to play videogames and finally understands why when someone tells her that they are a gamer. We share the love for our favourite games.

She is now turning into amateur boxing. She has to change the way she fights and thus her trainer has to change too. From her husband, to the national team boxer, Ridhwan (The Chosen Wan), the dynamic changes. We discuss the pride and joy of wearing the nation’s flag on a major international event but of course the caution that she has with the responsibility of representing Singapore on the international stage.

Not Again Podcast Episode 183- Efasha (The Face) Harrison-Kamarudin
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Enjoy the episode and stay safe guys!

10 November 2021

This is really late. Man. I talked about going to counselling and doing therapy to handle my mental health for the first time. I talked about boxing and sparring and my milestone to be a boxer.


Live comedy show:

In My Head - 10 November 2021Not Again Podcast
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