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20 March 2021

Hey guys, this week we continue with part 2 with Dr Gore. In this episode, we focus more on the man behind the surgical mask, Caleb Tan.


In the episode, we question each other on the definition of a good person, how it relates to our individual careers, and the greater goals we all have. Caleb shares his experience with coaching, the importance of finding the right mentors and the difficulties of trying to find a time and space to connect with others in our fast-paced lifestyle. 


We discuss creative and physical burnout as we try to balance a hectic schedule with life. We talk about how it had affected not only our relationships but also our physical and mental health in the long term. We debate on the difference between rest and sleep and how important it is to pace ourselves to achieve our long term goals sustainably. 


Lastly, we talk about receiving compliments and how to accept good comments, even though we’ve been primed for criticism. We reflect on the advice we’ve been given, taking the good and the bad and ultimately learning from our mistakes. We also stress the importance of never completely disregarding advice, being kind to yourself and finding the right support systems.

Any advice given to you, it’s never the right time. No one is ever at the right time to receive advice. That is my personal life lesson. I don’t know how to explain it but eventually, it will click. When my mentor gave me advice, it wasn’t the right time and then after 3 years, it clicked. The right time came later on. The important thing is that I should never disregard the advice wholeheartedly, I should always keep it in my pocket and refer to it and see if it works and the next thing is to be more encouraging to myself. I should also believe in myself and say one day, it will work. 
Not Again Podcast Episode 158 - Caleb Tan (Dr Gore) Part 1
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Enjoy the episode and stay safe guys!

01 April 2021

Holy Molly! The podcast is already 4 years in and I talked about doing it for 4 years and being really grateful. I talked about the race that I have participated with the boxing gym that I have and my experience in that gym. I am surprised that I have with Jimmy Appudurai Chua on the podcast as a guest and how it is a landmark for me to have him as a guest. 

Of course at the end, there will be a few announcement that was made for this year.

The Other Show - 01 April 2021Not Again Podcast
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