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19 September 2020

This week, I have an entertaining talk with comedian and ventriloquist Shawn Chua. He shares his journey to becoming a ventriloquist, his full experience participating in Asia's Got Talent, and how he pursues corporate live gigs.

In this episode, he recounts his journey to becoming a ventriloquist and magician and his first stage gig. He shares the first puppet he ever bought and the puppet industry in Singapore. We discuss corporate entertainment, how to pursue corporates when you're just starting out.

He talks about his full experience participating in Asia's Got Talent, from getting the call to attending the audition overseas. He explains why he decided to mix ventriloquism and comedy in his magic act. He tells me about his family, what they do, and what they think about his choice in career.

We discuss on the topic of entertainment versus artist integrity in our work. We break down the differences between solo shows versus double acts and how both are difficult in different ways. We talk about the online world, how crowded it is with influencers and artists now jumping onto the podcast bandwagon.

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"This is how I see it, ventriloquism or magic, or even dance or juggling, they're just tools and skills but at the end of the day, you must entertain. You're an entertainer first and your tool to entertain is either magic, ventriloquism, dance, whatever..."
Not Again Podcast Episode 138 - Shawn Chua
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25 September 2020

So in this episode of the Other Show, I am late for this but I have been troubled with my hair which I had let out and been linking it to how I am using it against the government. I have revealed some of the upcoming guests for the podcast and the reasons why I decided to take a 2 weeks break. I ended the episode with a horror story that I had which I was being friendly with a passenger.  

The Other Show - 25 Sept 2020Not Again Podcast
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Enjoy the episode and stay safe guys!

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