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02 August 2020

"I don't know why I'm just hungry. Even when I find my audience, I want more. I want more audience members. I want to get as many people interested."

It's never easy to be the first of anything.


Comedian Sam See has been at the forefront of pushing boundaries in the Singapore comedy scene and has even managed to gain international recognition as a talented comedian and one of Singapore's openly gay comics. Even as we speak, he's preparing to release his first-ever independently produced stand-up special, Coming Out Loud! Another first in the industry.

We discuss how Sam's been dealing with the current situation and what's it like to be a comedian and show-runner in Singapore and how he feels about hustling. We also talked about pushing boundaries in comedy, how not to get in trouble when dealing with complex topics and the different styles of comedy we enjoy the most.

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Not Again Podcast Episode 131- Sam See
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01 April 2020

Okay this is happening for the 3rd year anniversary for the podcast. I talked about what is going on in Singapore right now while the whole world is going on through the lockdown. I talked to a passenger about being 30 years old and the reason why I am not able to release an episode the last 2 weeks. I reflect the goals that I had for this year including the ones that I had with the podcast and standup comedy. 

Stay Safe Guys!
The Wednesday ThingNot Again Podcast
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